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Rev. Dr. David Kim-Cragg, PhD


Rev. David Kim-Cragg was ordained in 2000 and has served in a variety of different ministries.  He loves to lead worship and brings a style that is informed by a lifelong passion for stories and storytelling.  David is committed to intercultural worship and has worked hard as a minister to eliminate stigma against sexual and gender diversity in the church. 반갑습니 다. 很高興見到你. از ملاقات شما خوشبختم  はじめまして. masarap akong makilala.

David comes to St. Matthew’s United after 11 years in Saskatoon where he has most recently been serving as Ecumenical Chaplain at the University of Saskatchewan and studying and teaching at the University of Saskatchewan.  David is a PhD in history with a dissertation on the history of relationship between the Korean and Canadian church.  In Saskatoon, he also served 5 ½ years as minister to Grosvernor Park United Church, a congregation with a courageous Affirming ministry to the LGBT2Q+ community.  Before that he and his family served as overseas personnel in South Korea.  His first years in ministry were in southwestern Ontario, as a rural minister near Sarnia and a Youth and Young Adult Minister to the area surrounding Windsor.   

David hails from Sudbury, Ontario.  He loves walking,

biking and canoeing.  He speaks French and Korean as

second languages.  A brief video introduction can be found


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