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On September 17th we officially became an Affirming Ministry within the United Church of Canada.  It was a great celebration!  The Affirm United group representatives, Larry Little and DJ McCready (also members of the RHUC), presented Rev. David and our chair, Bill Hurdman, and our vice-chair, Doreen Coyne, with a Certificate on becoming an Affirming Ministry. We also received a certificate from the Mayor’s office presented by Ward 2 Councillor Scott Thompson and Deputy Mayor, Godwin Chan. 


Thank you to our other special guest photographer Chris Robart, a member of the Richmond Hill Garden & Horticultural Society.  Rev. David read out letters of congratulations from the United Church Moderator, the Mayor’s office, the Richmond Hill United Church, the Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church, and Affirm United.  Enjoy the photos that Chris took for us.  We’ll share all of them on a new webpage about Affirming Ministry that will be made available in the next while. It will feature more of the photos from that day and explain what it means to be an Affirming church.  You can watch the replay of the service on YouTube at this link.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this day and the journey to it such a thoughtful, soul-searching, and joyful celebration!

small Affirm-United-symbol-colour.jpg
Rev. David Kim-Cragg starting the Affirming Ministry event amid great decor.  Photo by Chr
Rev. David Kim-Cragg accepts certificate from Deputy Mayor Godwin Chan and Ward 2 Councill
Rev. David Kim-Cragg, Doreen Coyne, Bill Hurdman receive certiciate from Larry Little and
cutting the cake - cropped.jpg
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